changing cultures Ltd
Nicola makes up 1/5 of changing cultures...unjamming jams - depickling pickles - remixing mixups....
It’s a commonly held belief that people buy people - changing cultures - are 5 extraordinary people. (together greater than the sum of their parts) .

• 5 creative professionals who have built a loyal and satisfied customer base, throughout the full range of educational establishments and beyond.
• 5 innovative and sensitive thinkers and doers, in whom people believe
• 5 career’s worth of experience to draw on, in diverse areas including project management, coaching and mentoring, recruitment, evaluation and monitoring, pedagogy, branding and marketing and television production.*
• 5 approachable colleagues who, through working together for four years, have learned how to make the most of each others specialisms to offer elegant solutions.
• 5 razor sharp minds and expert communicators working in collaboration to apply themselves to your success.

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