The Chalk Door
I never saw another Butterfly
The Tell Woman
Herbert Summer exhibitoon
Jeans for Genes
Truth about Lies - Carnival and performance
Venetian section, Godiva Carnival 07
Take me Home
The Battle of the Guilds
Paradise dreaming
Mother Earth, Godiva Carnival 06
Oxfam Costume
BBC Residency
International Children's Games Opening Ceremony
Fools Banquet, Godiva Carnival 04
Hit and Run
Carnival Mystere
Hot Degree
Magical Skirt designed and made for Nikky Smedley, The Storyteller
The Tell Woman
Yes No
Sam and the Squabbler
The Wonderful cast of the Tell Woman
The Tell Woman and her magical flute
The Sproings
Feeding the Sproings
Sam and the Squabbler
Yes No's
The Tell Woman
The Tell Woman set, bedroom scene
The Tell Woman
Set and Costume design for The Tell Woman story teller events and touring theatre show.

Also the designer and maker for Nikky Smedley's magical storytelling skirt.

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Photos courtesy of the Tell Woman Collective and Honest Injun films