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Studley Sculpture Project
I have been working at Studley Infant school since 2009 providing Creative support across the school.
During the spring term I was asked if I would work with Year 2 to create their end of year Art work which has been a traditional legacy left by the year group as they leave the school for the juniors.
This year the teachers wanted to really look at how this process could support the work the school has done promoting Child led learning.

The children worked in groups of 4 - 6 and explored what Art could be, decided what form they wanted it to take (painting, sculpture etc.), where they wanted it to be and what the subject matter was. They also explored what the sculptures would have to be made from as they wanted to position them outside.
They designed from their final brief and democratically decided what would be made and who by. They worked to produce the sculptures from their designs, with regular production meetings to access problems and progress.
The project was truly owned by the children.
Staff were really exited but nervous at the beginning as it was a huge risk following the children as the work produced in previous years are highly led and finished by professional artists. This year my role was to be more of a facilitator in the process offering my expertise as a maker where needed.

The results were stunning.
"Its changed the way I work. It's changed my life actually. I couldn't go back! Look at what the children achieve when we raise our expectations of them"